I was born in a small rural village of Northern Italy. My early memories are of my grandfather, a farmer who taught me how to learn from the place you live in, how to enjoy the moment, the present. I cherished that notion dearly, but I also needed a way to keep those memories alive, to fix them forever, like clouds on a painting. I love clouds, they are constantly changing, like emotions... So I joined Art school to learn how to take note of these emotions through drawing and painting. There are no hard to grasp conceptual meanings, I paint to remember, to fix an emotion, to snapshot a memory and I would like to share it with you. I hope you like what you see and if by any chance one of these emotional snapshots coincide with yours please feel free to make it your own.


    The Fitzwilliams Centre, Beaconsfield, England

    BAS Spring Open Exhibition
    22-24 April 2016

    Queens Park Art Centre, Aylesbury, England

    Little Solo Exhibition
    7-17 December 2015

    Buckinghamshire County Museum in Aylesbury, England

    BOS Fanfare Exhibition
    23 May - 4 July 2015

    Aylesbury old town, England

    Wolfango's Open Studio
    6-21 June 2015

    The Fitzwilliams Centre, Beaconsfield, England

    BAS Spring Open Exhibition
    24-26 April 2015

    DLI Museum & Durham Art Gallery, Durham, England

    NAPA Summer Exhibition

    Black Sheep Gallery, Hawarden Castle, Wales

    NAPA Exhibition

    Palazzo del Lavoro, Turin, Italy

    Artissima 99

    RBSA, Birmingham, England

    NAPA Exhibition

    Café Something, Oxford, England

    Solo Exhibition

    St Hilda's College, Oxford, England

    Art Festival Exhibition

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