“If someone calls it art, it’s art” – This statement touches on how we define Art. The question is: do we all agree? Or do we agree with a few art critics and institutions delegated to decide for us?

Who is the artist? Can I call myself an artist? Can I pick up an everyday object and call it art without displaying some skill? If so, I should be able to call myself a musician by just making sounds and calling them music. Are random words literature just because I tell you so?

My Art strives to represent pictorially the everyday, the domestic, with a poetic undertone.

Art Tutor

I am available for limited live tutorials. I provide reasonably priced face-to-face talks about art history and techniques.

You can follow my free tutorials on my Youtube channel and some short nuggets of wisdom on TikTok.

I also regularly publish step-by-step tutorials here.


I’m available for limited web design projects at W Studio. I will guide you from start to finish focusing on elevating your web presence at a reasonable price.

If you can’t or don’t want to hire a full-blown web agency and want to keep it simple, I’m your guy.

The process is straightforward—at an affordable price.


My tutorials are free and available on YouTube and TikTok.