For this painting of a view of Little Langdale, I used a new palette ( burnt umber, yellow ochre, titanium white, cadmium lemon, cadmium red medium, quinacridone magenta, french ultramarine, Winsor blue which is like phthalo blue (the green shade), and the newly discovered cobalt turquoise light). This is mainly an experiment with values and colour saturation. To be honest, I’ve never bothered much with such technicalities, I paint without thinking about the beauty of the image but more about the feeling, the raw emotion. I normally go with the flow.

This is an attempt to refine my technique and learn more about chroma, tones, and values in order to move towards figure painting and maybe portraits. Let’s see where this is taking me… For your information, I use oil paint from the Winsor & Newton Artist’s Oil Colour with Liquin™ Original and linseed oil.

You’ve captured the color and feel of that area beautifully!

Jennifer Borrelli

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