Dear cherished friends and supporters,

With profound gratitude, I reflect on the recent conclusion of my exhibition at the QPAC, Aylesbury – a journey that has been deeply enriched by the vibrant tapestry of your presence and heartfelt responses. Your engagement has elevated this showcase into a shared experience that goes beyond the mere display of artwork.

First and foremost, my sincere appreciation extends to all my collectors. Your patronage is not merely a transaction; it is a lifeline for keeping up with my artistic struggle. Without your support, the canvas would lack the hues that bring my visions to life.

While sales undeniably play a pivotal role, the true essence of this artistic odyssey lies in the emotional resonance my creations have stirred. Your encouraging messages, such as Misha and Val’s

Keep going, good work! As a fellow artist, I know how frustrating it can get!

reinforces the communal spirit that underlies the world of art.

Stephen, your eloquent depiction of my work:

Delicate, refined, colourful, dramatic paintings. A great inspiration to others. A fine talent you have! Keep up the excellent work!

is a testament to the nuanced language my art speaks. Your acknowledgement that it serves as an inspiration to others pushes me forward in my creative path.

Kim, your humility in expressing:

As I hoped – inspiring, beautiful and captivating. Congratulations master. To have 1/8 of your skills would be a fine thing indeed.

resonates deeply. The mutual respect among artists is a driving force, and your recognition fuels my dedication to this perpetual journey of self-expression.

Kathryn, Anne, and those who find echoes of Buckinghamshire in my art, your connection to the landscapes and local scenes breathes authenticity into my portrayal of our shared environment.

Lovely to see your work – the lakes and local… So inspiring and beautiful. Thank you. If only…


Nice to see your paintings in a local exhibition again! I last saw your work during the Bucks Open Studios at Castle Street.


Such a treat – loved the paintings and landscapes. Inspirational! Beautiful work!


I think your paintings are very evocative of the Buckinghamshire landscape – lovely.

To those who have found my paintings to be transportive and atmospheric, like the anonymous who eloquently described them as “absolutely beautiful” and “tangible,” your words provide validation that my art has successfully bridged the gap between the canvas and your emotions.

Jan, Caroline, Angela, Philomena, Sarah, Peter, Amy – your vivid descriptions and appreciation for the intricate details and the ability of my art to inspire are both humbling and motivating. Your shared love for the natural world mirrors my own, and I’m happy to be a source of inspiration for your creative journeys.

Fantastic work. They are all beautiful. ‘The Gaze’ is very thought-provoking. Must take time to be in the natural world and enjoy it. My favourite is ‘Winter Morning’, just love the detail. Thank you for continuing to inspire me.


Very inspiring Wolf. I love the paintings of the natural world. Like you, I take great pleasure in it and often take photos. With your guidance, I’m looking forward to turning some into paintings. One of my favourites is ‘Winter Morning’, there is such depth. Thank you.


Wow, the paintings are beautiful, inspiring and captivating. The paintings can transport you to the places painted. I found myself on the canvas, in the painting walking through the seasons and environment depicted. Thank you, Wolf.


Enjoyed all the paintings. Inspired by paintings of clouds and water. Loved the country’s vibrant colours.


What beautiful creations! You have captured the natural beauty of our local area… ‘Rush’ is incredible!


Lovely! ‘Rush’ and all the ‘Not for Sale’ are my favourites


I am deeply drawn to your work, Wolfango! I have been for some time, having discovered it a while back. I was so pleased to learn of your exhibition at QPAC and a chance to see so many beautiful pieces in one venue. They are filled with depth and meaning, as you also clearly are. I hope to meet you one day!


Jessamine, my beloved wife, your words about the exhibition being “full of emotions and memories” hold a special place in my heart. Our shared emotions are woven into the fabric of my art, and your presence in this journey has been my greatest inspiration.

Evi, Marie, Wendy, Brenda, Emery, Leslie, and John – your enchanting words of appreciation, enjoyment, and captivation are the truest rewards an artist can receive. Through your lens, my art becomes a journey through light, shadows, and moments immortalized on canvas.

Captivating and inspiring landscapes that evoke serenity. A tribute to the beauty of nature that plays with light and shadows. Great work!


Beautiful capture of light and space.


Beautiful work. I love how you capture water – be it a puddle or a canal – the colours and reflections are amazing. Thank you.


Fabulous exhibition Wolfango. Drama and light so essential in every painting.

Brenda Hurley

So many stunning lights and shadows! I just felt transported to the moments by each painting. And returning to reality I remembered all of Wolf’s gentle words of guidance and teaching. Just like in those words, the heart is shining in every single work here.


I am absolutely enchanted! Thank you.

Leslie Roth

Really good work, really enjoyed it.

John Aston

Suma, your heartfelt wishes for “many more successful exhibitions and sales” resonate deeply. Your optimism and support fuel my aspirations for the future.

Absolutely wonderful and inspiring work Wolf. You took us into your past, present and future. Thank you for allowing us in and I am so proud of you, and what you have achieved and still yet to do. Congratulations Wolf. Here’s to many many more successful exhibitions and sales too!


Belinda, your acknowledgement of my ability to capture the essence of the Wendover Canal path is a testament to the authenticity I strive for in my work. Your good wishes and appreciation are cherished.

It was a pleasure to look at and appreciate your work, Wolf. Our amazing Art Teacher with exceptional talent. Walked and cycled along the Wendover Canal path many times and you have captured the essence of this beautiful country scene. Very well done and wish you every success.

Belinda Silver

As I bid farewell to this chapter, I carry each of your sentiments with me. Every quote, much like a carefully placed brushstroke, has contributed to the richness of this artistic narrative. Thank you for being not just spectators but active participants in this exhibition, for transforming my canvases into shared moments, and for being an integral part of the tapestry that is my artistic journey.

With sincere and heartfelt thanks,


More cheers…

Enjoyed your exhibition very much, look forward to seing more in the future


Lovely paintings Wolf


Beautiful Work, looking at the paintings I felt as if I was actually there – loved your comments – Especially ‘The Gaze’, I see this with our own grandchildren they are totally absorbed in their tablets!

Stunning paintings – love the skies and reflections.

Lovely work Wolf. Each picture is different in the way it makes me feel. Great stuff.

Lovely Wolf. Very inspirational for us poor mortals.


We loved the colours, they really stand out and make the picture come alive; that itself tells a story.

Having seen your paintings I realize a lot of what I’m doing wrong, and will try harder. The paintings are brilliant.

🙂 I love you daddy


Love you too Leo…

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