Hello Art Lovers!

Embark on a creative journey with me in a special 2-hour oil painting tutorial, where we’ll delve into the captivating world of landscape art. This hands-on session promises to be an enriching experience, catering to beginners and intermediate artists alike.

Who Can Attend: This tutorial is crafted for all art enthusiasts, regardless of your skill level. If you’ve ever wanted to capture the beauty of landscapes on canvas, this is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the art of oil painting.

Materials Needed: Gather your oil paints, brushes (flat, filbert, round), canvas or canvas panel, palette, palette knife, and medium. Or I can provide all of those included in an incredible overall fee of £100You can also bring one friend for free!

What Awaits You

Vibrant Palette: Dive into the world of colours as we explore a carefully curated palette, unlocking the secrets of creating stunning landscapes. No matter your skill level, we’ll break down the process together.

Composition Mastery: Understand the principles of creating compelling landscapes. We’ll discuss composition techniques specific to landscapes, such as the rule of thirds and creating depth in your scenes.

Brushwork Techniques: Discover the art of wielding your brushes for different textures, from soft clouds to rugged mountainous terrains. Learn how brush selection can elevate your landscape paintings.

Underpainting Magic: Witness the transformative power of underpainting as we use a two-colour palette to establish the foundational elements of our landscapes.

Layering and Depth: Uncover the technique of layering and blending to add depth and atmosphere to your artwork. We’ll explore how to capture the essence of distance and space.

Final Flourishes: Add those finishing touches that bring your landscape to life. Learn how to emphasise focal points and balance your composition for a visually striking result.

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