‘Hedge’: From Weston Turville’s Fields to the SAA’s Highly Commended Award

Every artist’s journey is marked by defining moments, and for me, one such moment unfolded during a tranquil walk through Weston Turville, Buckinghamshire. Here, I was spellbound by a scene that seemed deceptively simple yet teemed with layers of emotion and narrative: two expansive fields divided by a mysterious, almost haunting hedge. Despite the liberating character of the fields, this hedgerow stood as an enigmatic barrier, its features hidden yet echoing with the melodies of unseen birds.

The scene whispered tales of duality—of freedom and mystery, of the known and the obscured. I felt compelled to translate this intricate narrative into a painting. The result was ‘Hedge’, an oil painting where the fields’ reddish browns and vivid greens clash and meld with the dark, mysterious essence of the hedge. Against a canvas of clear sky, this painting captures the balance of mankind’s eternal curiosity and the subtle secrets that nature often keeps close to her chest.

Today, I’m elated and deeply honoured to share a cherished announcement from the Society for All Artists (SAA):

“We’re delighted to inform you that your work, ‘Hedge’, has been Highly Commended by our Judges in this year’s competition. Although you weren’t an outright winner, this award is a testament to your hard work, and your wonderful painting was a firm favourite throughout all of the stages. Our judges found themselves transported into the scene, captivated by its textures and colours.

Many congratulations and thank you so much again for entering this year’s competition. We eagerly await your presence at the Exhibition in October at Espacio Gallery in London between 26th-29th October. There, you will be presented with your certificate and get the opportunity to meet all of the other talented finalists. We’re thrilled at the prospect of displaying your beautiful piece!”


What began as a personal exploration, an attempt to capture the emotions stirred by a scene in Weston Turville has evolved into a piece of art that has resonated with many. I hope that ‘Hedge’ serves as a testament to the beauty found in everyday moments and the profound tales they can weave when observed with an artist’s eye.
As we celebrate this recognition, I invite you to delve deeper into ‘Hedge’, to lose yourself in its layers, and to find in it the same sense of wonder and contemplation that it evoked in me during that fateful walk. Here’s to the magic of art and the endless stories it can tell.

This esteemed recognition from the SAA is not just an acknowledgement of ‘Hedge’ as a piece of art but also an affirmation of the emotions and narratives embedded within it. Knowing that the judges and the broader art community found a resonance with the emotions I felt during that walk in Weston Turville is both heartwarming and deeply inspiring.

With anticipation, I look forward to the exhibition at Espacio Gallery. It’s moments like these that reinforce the shared journey of art — a communion where artists and art enthusiasts converge, celebrating the wondrous alchemy of heart, soul, and canvas.

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