Exciting News! My painting “Beinale” has been shortlisted for the SAA Professional Artist of the Year 2024 competition! Now, I need your help! Please vote for me to support my artwork and help it win the recognition it deserves!

We are excited to inform you that your artwork “Beinale” has progressed to the final round of our 2024 Artists of the Year competition! Out of over 1900 entries, your work has been selected as one of the top 100 finalists, showcasing exceptional talent and creativity.

The final round of judging is yet to take place. Still, as a finalist your artwork will be featured in our upcoming exhibition at The Nottingham Society of Artists’ Gallery on Friar Lane in Nottingham, taking place from 1st – 6th October 2024. Your piece will be displayed among the most captivating works by our talented artists.

SAA Artist of the Year 2024
Beinale – Oil on linen canvas, 2023, 60 × 95 cm

“Beinale” is a heartfelt tribute to the rural scenery of my childhood. The name itself harks back to a special place: my grandfather’s field, where he nurtured vegetables under the expansive sky.

In this artwork, a country lane near my grandparents’ house is bathed in the soft glow of sunset. Cool blues and purples blend with warm yellows and oranges in the sky, creating a serene atmosphere punctuated by dark clouds. Each brushstroke carries a wave of nostalgia, drawing from cherished memories of peaceful moments.

In the distance, the Maritime Alps stand tall, marking the border between Italy and France in this lesser-known part of Italy. The lane, illuminated by the evening light, is dotted with telephone posts, hinting at a journey to an undefined destination. ✨

Lights twinkle in the distance, suggesting homes where families gather for supper or return from a day’s work. And here’s where it takes a turn: this painting also reflects my move to the UK, where I now reside, adding another layer of nostalgia to the scene. “Beinale” isn’t just a painting—it’s an immersion into the comforting embrace of a timeless, nostalgic landscape, where the land meets the sky in a dance of memories.

Thank you all for your support! Let’s make “Beinale” shine bright in the SAA Professional Artist of the Year 2024 competition!

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