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I’ve been very busy recently and not managed to write much on my scrapbook. I had a few commissions and noticed how difficult it is for a client to have an idea of how much commissioned art would cost. That made me think, my current A Painting a Day (almost)™ keep me very busy but it would be great to offer an Artwork on Demand service as well, for those people that would like something more personal but don’t have time to contact me for a quote.

Artwork on demand is oil on masonite board (3mm Ampersand Gessobord™).

Here’s a list of the available sizes and their prices:

  • Little Painting – Oil on board (5 × 7 & 6 × 6 inches) £100
  • Painting – Oil on board (8 × 8 inches) £150
  • Medium Painting – Oil on board (12 × 12 inches) £250
  • Large Painting – Oil on board up to 16 × 16 inches £350
  • XLarge Painting – Oil on board up to 18 × 24 inches £475

You can send me a photo, a few words or anything you can think of, to inspire me.

Please feel free to contact me directly for different sizes and/or media.

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