Oil Painting Tutorial


In this 2-hour tutorial, we’ll explore the basics of oil painting. The focus will be on creating a simple yet vibrant landscape while incorporating key aspects of colour theory. You can choose between your location or my Studio in Weston Turville. Once booked I will provide detailed information about what to expect at the tutorial (for more info open the tabs below). Please, book your slot in the calendar below.

Materials Provided
  1. Winsor & Newton Oil Paints (Titanium White, Cadmium Yellow, Quinacridone Magenta, Cobalt Turquoise Light, Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Umber)
  2. Brushes (Flat, Filbert, Round)
  3. Canvas or Panel
  4. Zest-it Brush Cleaner
  5. Palette
  6. Palette Knifes
  7. Medium (Winsor & Newton Liquin Original)
  • A brief overview of the tutorial objectives and the importance of the materials used.
  • Explanation of the selected colour palette and its significance in creating a harmonious painting.
Colour Theory Basics
  • A quick review of the colour wheel, primary, secondary, and tertiary colours.
  • Discuss warm and cool colors, and their impact on mood and depth.
  • Explanation of the chosen colours and their properties.
Preparing the Palette
  • Demonstrating the proper way to squeeze out and arrange the selected colors on the palette.
  • Introduction to the use of a palette knife for mixing and manipulating paint.
Blocking-In the Composition
  • Guidance on sketching a simple landscape composition on the canvas.
  • Demonstrating how to block in major shapes and values using a limited color palette.
Layering and Blending
  • Introduction to layering techniques with oil paints.
  • Demonstrating how to blend colors on the canvas to create smooth transitions.
Adding Details
  • Focusing on adding finer details and refining the composition.
  • Emphasizing the importance of brush selection and stroke direction.
Cleaning Brushes and Final Touches
  • Proper brush cleaning techniques using Zest-it Brush Cleaner.
  • Adding final touches to the painting to enhance details and overall composition.
Q&A and Tips for Further Practice
  • Encouraging you to ask questions.
  • Sharing additional tips for continuous improvement and future painting endeavours.
  • Recap of key learnings.
  • Encouraging to experiment with oil painting materials and explore your artistic style further.

The Seasons Art Class®

Join me for an inspiring artistic journey! Our 14-week courses cater to all skill levels, covering various techniques and mediums such as pencil drawing, oil pastels, watercolours, and acrylics.

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You can also find some short tutorials on my Youtube channel and some short nuggets of wisdom on TikTok.


A few years ago, I ventured out on a country road near my parent‘s home in Bene Vagienna, Italy on a crisp winter morning. As the misty veil of the morning lifted, I was graced with a breathtakingly honest and moving landscape. I wanted to capture the connection I felt to the farmed land, without filtering out its true beauty, including a pile of manure that would soon nourish the winter field (campo).

Niarbyl Bay

This vibrant oil painting captures the beauty of Niarbyl Bay on the Isle of Man, a place I was blessed to visit in August. I spent countless hours in early December 2022 crafting this artwork, and I’m delighted to share with you the time-lapse of my creative journey. As you watch, I invite you to take a journey with me, as I share the story of my artistic process.


I detested that old oil on board, and when I began the commission, I felt a wave of revulsion. In a fit of fury, I wiped the painting away, leaving it to languish in a forgotten corner of my studio. But a few days ago, I stumbled upon it again and decided to give it a second chance. I couldn’t bear to let a pristine Ampersand Gessobord go to waste, so I started anew, inspired by my daily stroll through the Weston Turville fields behind the local Church.

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